PS4 Comes With PlayStation 2 Emulator Integrated Inside

Sony has made a announcement to many impatient players that PS2 emulation is coming to PlayStation 4. This new was made official during the launch of Star Wars Battlefront. Actually, the software found in the PS2 console is also being used to run games on the PS4. Most retail shops are now loaded with the these two gadgets. Some of the games available on the Battlefront bundle game include; Jedi Starfighter, Racer Revenge and Bounty Hunter.

PS4 Emulation PS2

– What’s New When One Is Playing These Emulated Games?
First, when you load of the emulated games, a system message will appear showing you that the start and select options have been moved to the left and right side of the DualShock trackpad. However, this feature will not be available for a third-party.

Secondly, the system will contain memory cards which will be managing the memory as compared to the PS3.
Lastly, the much talked about PS2 logo will appear when you load these games for the first time while the in-game buttons prompts will still be included. Meaning nothing much has changed.

– So How Does This Emulator Work?
Emulation of older games to new consoles is not a new thing for most manufacturing companies. Most of them use the expensive hardware’s for their programs while others opt for software emulations.
They are designed to copy the environment of a certain computing surrounding; as a matter of fact, it uses the environment of PlayStation 2 console. Therefore, PS2 games have the ability to play on PS4 like they do from their main server machine but in a higher resolution. Furthermore, it has an ability to study the game state and repeatedly compare them with a couple of trophies that comes along with the game.
However, to run PlayStation 4 games on desktop computer use PS4 emulator PC application like PS4Emus. It got released officially last year.

– Is it Really Worth It?
Yes of course. It has an ability to filter the textures of objects and the end result is clear and crisp details of the character which didn’t exist on the PS2 console. This has greatly improved the quality of the emulation as compared to the old one.
San Andreas graphics quality
-The game frame rates have also been upscaled since this emulator produces games at 60 frames per second. It doesn’t end there since it has also upscaled the resolution to 1080P. Additionally, it’s the only Sony console to be released without any backwards compatibility.

– Conclusion
PlayStation 4 a gaming console that will offer you a better and slicker experience. Not only are the systems efficient, but also beneficial than older ones. It will also offer gamers a chance to play every PS game ever made.
You will also have a chance to see high-quality graphics, and above all its cheaper than most competitors of this kind.