About Us

Hi, my name is Patrick, I’m 23 and I live in Sidney (AUS). I decided to open this blog where I will be sharing my gaming news, tips ‘n tricks.

Gaming is my big passion in life from my baby days. I always spent days with controller in my hand (PlayStation or Xbox one) playing video games for whole days. Then when let’s say I little “grew up” I switched back to PC and continued to play games there. Although I still play consoles too. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Anyway, few things about this site. Why this name? Well I’m big fan of Final Fantasy series games. Like and played all of them which came to my hands. Unfortunately I’m unable to play all of them because some are released for Japanese audience only.
That’s why I decided to dedicate this blog name to my best game serial ever released. I was so happy when this domain name came free to register. Jumped on it immediately and knew what to do with it riht away.

That would be all about me and this site for now. Nice to meet you guys and hope you’re enjoying my posts 🙂